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Getting Started!

Hawk / Mar 25, 2017
Getting Started with Shadowfire has never been easier with our new Installer!! Read more below for instructions!!

1.) First, make sure you have completely installed from your base SWG CDs and you have a fresh copy ready to go!

2.) Next, Download the Shadowfire Installer.

3.) Run the installer and make sure you are installing to the correct directory (make sure the address path goes to where you have your game installed). By Default this path is Program Files(x86)/Star Wars Galaxies

4.) Once completed, run the launcher from your desktop shortcut that was created for you and patch up to Patch 14 updates.

5.) Once those are patched you will be ready to rock! Check the "Update" Button on the launcher for any additional updates, if it says you're up to date you're ready to Choose your server with the "Test" or "Live" Buttons install those specific servers configs and you're ready to rock and press "Play".

See you online!

For immediate support and help join our Discord Server and request assistance from our awesome community members.
If you still have any outstanding issues or additional questions please visit the help desk (shortcut located in the menu bar) and put in a ticket for our Support desk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you,


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