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SWG ShadowFire Donations

SWGEmu is free to play at all times, however, hosting and hardware is typically never free.  SWG ShadowFire aims to bring you the best of SWG.  We're always looking to keep the server running at it's best with top of the line hardware for maximum performance levels.

How can you help?

Hardware, hosting and cost of maintenance isn't cheap so we're happy to accept donations of any amount in order to keep the server going.  Our goal is to upgrade the server as much as possible using the donations that are received from the community.  Every penny received will be tucked away in a verified PayPal business account managed by H2Imports / MindRot Games. which hosts this server.

Why invest in SWG ShadowFire?

Unlike other servers, we will do everything we possibly can to avoid server wipes and rollbacks.  There are no plans for a end of life date for the server to shut down.  As long as players are playing on the server then SWG ShadowFire will be online and open to the public.

If you would like to contribute to the server please fill out our donations form located HERE.  

Please note that we do not offer or guarantee any form of 'reward' for donations and that any donation received is done so on your own accord.  SWG ShadowFire and the SWGEmu are free to play so long as players own a physical copy of the game.  Donations to SWG ShadowFire are not a form of pay to play, as this server is and will always be free to play.
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